“It didn’t take me long to realise that dieting was what was actually CAUSING me to gain weight and hate my body. Sandy’s coaching taught me how to trust myself and eat properly again in tune with my body. I couldn’t even imagine not following a set plan but I learnt that my own body can tell me what to do. The more I ate when I was truly hungry the less I ate out of emotional need – and I lost weight!”
~ Cheryl T, Tranmere, SA ~

“I recently received coaching from Sandy who is an incredibly empathetic and supportive motivator. She has helped me understand the underlying reasons for eating inappropriately. She has encouraged me to work on the psychological aspect and not just on the body. Weekly sessions were targeted to suit my individual needs in a positive and non-judgmental way. Sandy has a passion for helping people get out of the diet mentality and encourages people to achieve their goals in a warm, friendly and compassionate manner.”
~ Sandy V., Adelaide Hills. SA ~

“Through email weekly coaching, Sandy taught me how to take care of myself and comfort myself without turning to food – and I haven’t even met her! Food is no longer my best friend – or my enemy.”
~ Tanya H, Tasmania ~

“Over many years I watch my husband eat what he wants, when he wants and still stay slim. Me, I tried it all – diets, healthy eating, exercising and remained fat! Once I started reading Sandy’s material and talking with her, I realized what my husband’s secret was. He listened to his body and I was simply ignoring mine! Weight loss is just a wonderful side effect of Sandy’s coaching. It is a fantastic journey of self awareness and learning the art of listening to yourself! Best of all, Sandy is there at all times to provide fantastic support and an alternative point of view to help you through!”
~ Michelle, Quinns Rocks WA ~

“What Sandy was able to do for me was to remove the veil which had been clouding my decisions around food. What she teaches is commonsense on many levels and yet I needed her wisdom to reveal to me what I knew I should have been doing all along! It really did and does make perfect sense and the support she offered enabled me to move beyond making negative food choices to a life where decisions I make about food are informed choices. I feel healthier than I have in years!”
~ Kelly, WA ~

“After years of battling with food, I came across Sandy through a friend and she’s changed my life! I no longer feel full to the point I feel sick and I am now enjoying meal times and cooking and baking. I’ve realised through Sandy’s weekly emails that I was eating way too much and not enjoying the food that I was eating. The emails have been great and good for someone like myself who has three young children and can’t always attend appointments or classes.”
~ K. Wise, Melbourne, Victoria ~

”Sandy is a lovely, genuine, person who is coaching from personal experience. With her encouragement, I have felt comfortable asking even the silliest questions. The material I have been given is such that I can refer to it over and over again if it’s needed. What I have learned has changed my lifestyle in a way I would recommend to anyone.
Sandy’s coaching has taught me the reasons behind my old eating behaviour. Since they came from within, I was able to work on changing it. I am now able to recognize what my body is telling me – and respond to it. I have a new found respect for, and belief in, myself. I have no guilt when eating. I’m not focusing on food any more, and I am losing weight, no diet in sight. It’s such a feeling of freedom!”
~ Judi H, Gembrook, Vic ~

“I have yo-yo dieted since I was 12 years old and suffered low self-esteem, lack of confidence and emotional eating. Since working with Sandy I have learned to listen to my own body and food is no longer in control of me, in fact I don’t even think about food anymore. Thank you Sandy you are a God-send!”
~ Nicole I, Killarney Vale, NSW ~

“After completing Sandy’s program I finally feel like I am in control again. It has taken me years of dieting and numerous diets to learn that the key is to just stop and listen to your body. I used to feel frustrated that I would eat the same as the next person and still gain weight. With Sandy’s help I have learned that our body will tell us when and how much to eat, when I started to do this I started to see results. For the first time in YEARS I actually think while I eat, in the past my mind would just shut down until I was finished, now I stop and enjoy every mouthful. Thank you Sandy!!”
~ Naomi, NSW~

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been ignoring my body’s natural hunger cues. My teenage years were spent practically starving myself and my twenties were spent overeating. It wasn’t until I discovered Sandy’s online training that I realised what I was doing. With Sandy’s help I was able to put an end to emotional eating and really listen to what my body was telling me. I am so glad that I am finally free from the diet mentality, no longer does food rule my life.”
~ Jaime H, Central Coast NSW ~